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Abnormal Radiation Levels Detected in Border Between North and South Korea?   Leave a comment

THIS is a little creepy.  I am eager to find out what happens with this and if they discover its source.  For so many years, North Korea postured and threatened action against the south, touting that it has nuclear capabilities and suggesting that they would use it.  While I doubt that they created an actual bomb (being that there was no seismic activity) and I am not so reluctant to believe that they may have the capability for a dirty bomb. 

I will keep everyone updated as we find out more. 

Hope everyone has a good day!



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NYT: Feds Target Ariz. Immigration Bill   Leave a comment

So, I guess Hillary was speaking the truth.  Again, not surprised that it has come to this.   The New York Times has confirmed that the hearing for the Arizona Anti-Immigration Law is set for July 29.  EVEN THE TITLE OF THIS ARTICLE IS MISLEADING: they are calling it an ‘anti-immigration law’.  NO IT’S NOT AGAINST IMMIGRATION–IT’S AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!!!

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration has decided to file suit to block a new Arizona law aimed at deporting illegal immigrants, thrusting itself into the fierce national debate over how the United States enforces immigration policies.

The move is a rare instance of the federal government forcefully intervening in a state’s affairs, and it carries significant political risks. With immigration continuing to be a hot-button issue in political campaigns across the country, the Arizona law, which gives local police greater power to check the legal status of people they stop, has become a rallying point for the Tea Party and other conservative groups.

The decision to intervene, though widely anticipated, was confirmed by an unexpected source: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who answered a question about it from an Ecuadorian TV journalist in an interview on June 8 that went all but unnoticed until this week.

Reiterating the publicly stated objections of President Obama and senior officials to the Arizona law, Mrs. Clinton said of the president, “The Justice Department, under his direction, will be bringing a lawsuit against the act.”

A spokesman for the Justice Department said the matter was still under review, but other senior administration officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said a decision had indeed been made and that only the details of the suit were still being worked out.

These officials said several government agencies were being consulted over the best approach to blocking the law, which, barring any successful legal challenges, is scheduled to take effect July 29. At least five lawsuits have already been filed in Federal court by other plaintiffs, and civil rights groups have asked a Federal judge to issue an injunction to forestall the law from taking effect while the cases are heard.

It is interesting to me that they are attacking this law so viciously.  Obama must REALLY want those Latino votes. 

A State Department spokesman, Philip J. Crowley, said Mrs. Clinton was responding to deep unhappiness over the law that has been expressed in Mexico and other Latin American countries. At home, polls show that a majority of Americans support the law, or at least the concept of states more rigorously enforcing immigration laws. But Latino groups and elected officials have denounced it as an affront to Hispanics. Several large demonstrations, for and against the law, have been held in Phoenix and other cities.

Let us also consider that Hispanics are NOT THE ONLY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN THIS COUNTRY!  This law does not ONLY APPLY TO THEM!  It applies to ANYONE HERE ILLEGALY!!!  French, German, Russian, African, Australian, Canadian….ANYONE!  But, it is not hard to understand how it’s the southern border that is the major issue. 

Some kind of legal action by the Justice Department against the law seemed likely, given Mr. Obama’s repeated statements against it, as well as concerns Attorney General Eric Holder has voiced in interviews and news conferences.

In late May, Justice Department lawyers traveled to Phoenix to speak with lawyers from the offices of the state attorney general, Terry Goddard, and of Gov. Jan Brewer about possible litigation. Mr. Goddard, a Democrat, and Ms. Brewer, a Republican, are both running for governor, and both have said that a Federal lawsuit would be unwarranted.

Mrs. Clinton’s disclosure quickly became fodder for political campaigns in Arizona, with Republicans seizing on the notion of a domestic policy decision being disclosed on foreign soil. Ms. Brewer chastised the administration for using an Ecuadorean television interview to inform the public about a momentous decision.

“This is no way to treat the people of Arizona,” the governor said in a statement. “To learn of this lawsuit through an Ecuadorean interview with the Secretary of State is just outrageous. If our own government intends to sue our state to prevent illegal immigration enforcement, the least it can do is inform us before it informs the citizens of another nation.”

WOW–and that last statement in that last paragraph by Gov. Jan Brewer is awesome for a politician.  At least she isn’t busy shivering and fearing for her political future while bowing down to the forces against her.  I wish more politicians were like her!

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Why Antigay Activists are Afraid to Testify   Leave a comment

Now THIS is an article worth bringing up!  This is EXACTLY what I feel is going on in this country, and it applies not just to gay rights, but also to the Illegal Immigration debate, and anyone who disagrees with our president.  This, not so much at the same bullying level as the immigration issue, but a good illustration none-the-less:

One of the hot new trends in litigation this year is fear. Witnesses in important gay-rights cases have claimed they were too afraid to testify because they feared they would be subject to reprisals for their views. It’s one thing to hear this kind of talk from eyewitnesses in gang shootings. But now it has become a common complaint among opponents of gay rights who say they are afraid to take part in civic life.

Concern about witness intimidation was the reason offered in January for the last-minute decision to unplug TV cameras in California’s landmark fight over Prop 8—the state referendum to ban gay marriage. Before the trial began, presiding judge Vaughn Walker had said he would allow a limited video feed of the proceedings, possibly including a YouTube broadcast. Pro–Prop 8 activists opposed the move and the U.S. Supreme Court quickly weighed in with an unsigned 5–4 opinion, scolding the federal courts for the video project because supporters of California’s gay-marriage ban had been subject to death threats, had their cars egged, and had faced retaliation after their support for the initiative was disclosed on the Internet. The conservative majority of the court sympathized with the anti-gay-marriage witnesses even though, as Justice Stephen Breyer pointed out in dissent, these terrified witnesses were “experts or advocates who have either already appeared on television or Internet broadcasts.” The trial went dark.

In mid-January, when the supporters of Prop 8 cut their witness list from six to just two, they again said that their witnesses were too afraid to testify. Andrew Pugno, from the organization Yes on Prop 8, explained that they were afraid “that as others have, that they will be targeted for retaliation, both professionally and personally.” On June 16, during closing arguments, when Judge Walker called into doubt the qualifications of the only witness who argued that gay marriage could be harmful, it became evident that one cannot put on a case if the bulk of your witnesses are too frightened to take the stand. (A final decision is expected within weeks.)

This spring the Supreme Court heard another case involving frightened citizens in Washington state. They had successfully campaigned to put a referendum on the ballot that would have allowed voters to reverse a state law granting certain benefits to domestic partners. After the measure was defeated, the group that pushed for it asked the Supreme Court to keep the 138,000 signatures on the ballot petitions private. Their argument was based heavily on the harassment suffered by proponents of California’s Proposition 8. James Bopp, who argued for the ballot signatories, warned the court that gay-rights activists planned to post the names of anyone who had signed a petition on the Internet. Bopp told the court during oral arguments that the fear was very real: “The campaign manager of this initiative had his family sleep in his living room because of the threats.”

The same folks who oppose making signatures public are waging a war to do away with campaign-finance rules that would require disclosing the names of campaign donors. They argue that all such moves expose contributors to intimidation. Justice Clarence Thomas agreed in a concurring opinion in the court’s blockbuster campaign-finance case: “I cannot endorse a view of the First Amendment that subjects citizens of this Nation to death threats, ruined careers, damaged or defaced property, or pre-emptive and threatening warning letters as the price for engaging in ‘core political speech,’” he wrote.

Putting aside questions we cannot answer—how serious are these threats and how much has the Internet made us vulnerable to them?—the one we must answer is whether arguments that citizens are too frightened to testify, sign petitions, or contribute to political campaigns are in themselves bad for our legal and political system. Justice Scalia thinks so: “The fact is,” he warned in the Washington case, “running a democracy takes a certain amount of civic courage.” Timid citizens are likely to get a kind of democracy and justice that is neither democratic nor just.

It really is sad when people are afraid to voice their opinions because of others that have them.  This is what is happening with gay rights, and again with Mexican Terrorists in America.  People who voice their opinions on such subject are often attacked as a result when they themselves do nothing but voice their opinions.  Having lived in CA for 6 years, I can attest to this.  I have seen it, and I have seen the police shrug and look the other way because they themselves are afraid to do something.  Violent retaliation against a citizens free speech is childish and obscene, and to me, renders the attackers position invalid.  This world is uncertain, and when good people who have an opinion about something that goes against these popular groups (gay right and illegal immigration), there is real fear about some nut among them crazy enough to do something final about it.  If it were a Tea Partier or or a straight white person savaging any of these groups, all heck would break loose and the media would be all over this like vultures on the gazelle that they were waiting impatiently for to die. 

I’m in no way stating my position on THIS topic as a topic–I am merely pointing out how twisted our society and our government is that allows these terroristic organizations and groups to operate as they do.  For me, if they want to be heard, they need to TALK LIKE ADULTS and ACCEPT CRITICISM LIKE ADULTS and not cry and THROW TANTRUMS like babies.  GROW UP PEOPLE!

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Freemont, Nebraska Voting on Enforcing federal illegal Immigration Laws Already in Place   Leave a comment

My hat goes off to officials in Freemont, Nebraska for stepping up to the plate for what’s right and following in the example that Arizona has set forth.  It’s amazing that they are just now putting into law that employers and renters need to check for immigration status, and yet I always thought that was something we already did.  I mean, it just made sense, right?  Whenever I had to apply for a job, I had to PROVE THAT I WAS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN by providing two forms of ID.  If FEDERAL LAW states that illegals cannot be hired to work and cannot live in America beyond a certain time period when their visas expire, then how is it that employers and renters are not checking for these things when their applications come in?  I mean, it makes sense, right?

HERE is the article.

Ironically, the photo is of someone who opposes the law and is passing out information.  MSNBC is a notorously left-leaning news program, so I shouldn’t be suprised. 

FREMONT, Neb. – Angered by a recent influx of Hispanic workers attracted by jobs at local meatpacking plants, voters in the eastern Nebraska city of Fremont will decide Monday whether to ban hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants.

The vote will be the culmination of a two-year fight that saw proponents collect enough signatures to put the question to a public vote. If the ordinance is approved, the community of 25,000 people could face a long and costly court battle. Either way, the emotions stirred up won’t settle quickly.

And, of course, they bring up the AZ law as an example.  Funny thing though, they don’t explain the AZ law very well and summerize it incorrectly, again, spreading misinformation:

Across the nation, people have been outraged by — and demanded action against — the poor enforcement of federal laws to prevent illegal immigration. A law recently introduced in Arizona requires police to question people on their immigration status if there’s a “reasonable suspicion” they are illegal.

The law does not REQUIRE police to question people IF THERE IS ‘reasonable suspicion’ they are illegal.  If they READ THE LAW themselves, they would know that this is not the case.  The individual’s status is only checked WHEN THEY COMMIT A CRIME and there is reasonable suspicion.  This is the reason why there is so much hate out there for this law.  The left apparently hates it and they will do anything they can to get their control back.  It has also been said that the left WANTS illegals in the country because they, and Latino’s in general, are a notoriously left-leaning demographic, practically ASSURING that Democrats will be elected in majority at the next election.  If the left has the Latino vote, they have congress, and that is all they care about.  I really doubt they care about the illegals or the Latino’s.  They just want to win elections and collect all the perks associated with.  To heck with everyone and the American people.

Er, anyway, went off on a tangent.  Sorry 😦

If approved, the measure will require potential renters to apply for a license to rent. The application process will force Fremont officials to check if the renters are in the country legally. If they are found to be illegal, they will not be issued a license allowing them to rent.The ordinance also requires businesses to use the federal E-Verify database to ensure employees are allowed to work.

Supporters of the proposal say it’s needed to make up for what they see as lax federal law enforcement. Opponents say it could fuel discrimination.

Results are expected Monday night.

Again, these policies should have been in effect WAY before these individual states an cities have to be so in trouble that they need to defend themselves against the onslought.  If the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DEFENDED IT’S OWN LAW then these sad situations would not be taking place.  It’s sad that legal American Latino’s are also feeling the brunt of the Immigration issue, but again, if congress did their job then this wouldn’t be happening.  Congress has forced individual state and local governments to react to a situation congress themselves have created and they are getting sued and badgered because of it. 

THIS should NOT be happening!!!!!!!

The Nebraska chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has threatened a lawsuit, and the city worries about the cost of defending the policy. The city has estimated the legal action would cost $1 million per year to fight — costs that would have to be covered by property tax raises and city job cuts.

State Sen. Charlie Janssen of Fremont makes a very good point in the article that I wish more people understood:

“A vote for or against the ordinance does not make you more or less patriotic,” he said in a posting on his legislative blog. “Just as a vote for or against the ordinance does not make you racist or not.”

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Arizona Fire Forces Thousands to Evacuate   Leave a comment

I know this is going to sound completely and utterly sardonic but I can’t help myself tonight. 

Wow–how ironic that Arizona, who is in the midst of such vicious attacks, actions, and even war declared on it by both illegals and misguided Americans, suddenly gets a massive wildfire.  Of course, Flagstaff is against the AZ anti-illegal Immigration bill, and since this is such a heated, passioante topic, I would be intersted to know if this was truly an accident, or something else. 

It’s such a shame.  Flagstaff is so beautiful.

Top Officials State that Feds will NOT Process Illegals Referred from AZ!   Leave a comment

I just ran across this one on my own.  This is just distubring and supports my theory that congress and our own president doesn’t care about our country. 

HERE is the article!

This pretty much explains it all.  The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will not enforce THEIR OWN LAWS ALREADY PASSED AND UPHELD IN COURT, which they HAVEN’T been doing anyway, because they are upset at Gov. Brewer for taking an initiative.  I wonder if they are upset because they got one-upped by a female.  To me, this sounds like a spoiled five year old throwing a tantrum that does not benefit anyone.  As though they threaten not to allow their mother to clean their room for them when they refused to clean their room themselves before. 

Just….wow.  I thought the federal government was supposed to support their states.  The fact that they are attacking Gov. Brewer like this is just aggrivatingly childish!

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Obama Pays My Welfare?   Leave a comment

Wow, someone just emailed this to me.  It’s from a radio show hosted by Michael Savage.  I’m not a listener (yet) but if this is what people believe in this country, no wonder this whole immigration issue is going to heck. 

Listen here!

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