Top Officials State that Feds will NOT Process Illegals Referred from AZ!   Leave a comment

I just ran across this one on my own.  This is just distubring and supports my theory that congress and our own president doesn’t care about our country. 

HERE is the article!

This pretty much explains it all.  The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will not enforce THEIR OWN LAWS ALREADY PASSED AND UPHELD IN COURT, which they HAVEN’T been doing anyway, because they are upset at Gov. Brewer for taking an initiative.  I wonder if they are upset because they got one-upped by a female.  To me, this sounds like a spoiled five year old throwing a tantrum that does not benefit anyone.  As though they threaten not to allow their mother to clean their room for them when they refused to clean their room themselves before. 

Just….wow.  I thought the federal government was supposed to support their states.  The fact that they are attacking Gov. Brewer like this is just aggrivatingly childish!


Posted June 20, 2010 by shadowvixenpatriot in Uncategorized

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