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ALERT ALERT ALERT!  THIS IS WRONG!  THIS IS WRONG!  I am by NO means a government expert, but I know a WRONG MOVE when I see one!


Even the title is misleading!  The title of the article from Yahoo says “Medicare chief’.  NO IT’S NOT!  IT’S FOR THE NEW HEALTHCARE BILL!

It’s a pot of boiling water, folks, and we’re the frog.  The temperature is going up slowly and we are not jumping out.  To me, this seems like an obama-nation (abomination) and am I the only one who is angry?  I hope not!  Obama DID say that he would have the Healthcare Bill passed whether the House and Senate approved or not, so why should I be surprised that this has happened. 

There needs to be protocol!  There is a system of checks and balances AND AS CORRUPT AS IT ALL IS IN REALITY it STILL needs to be adhered to!  This may be a small thing, or made out to be a small thing, but small things lead to big things.  THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF THAT HAPPENS IN DICTATORSHIPS and COMMUNIST regimes!  Has our government sunk so low?  Unfortunately yes.

This is huge!  I mean, it’s more huge than passing the Healthcare Bill without the people’s consent.  It’s more huge than challenging the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law.  It’s more huge than appointing an Obama-carbon-copy, questionable woman into the Supreme Court who has NO experience that you KNOW is going to be allowed in because Obama wills it. 

This is wrong, people!  Completely wrong! I am APALLED by this, as every red-blooded American should be! 

A good friend of mine would respond: “Who cares.  This doesn’t affect me.”

Well, girl, you should care and it DOES affect you!  It affects all of us!  When we get sick and wind up in the hospital, this guy that Obama appointed without our consent or explanation is going to ultimately determine whether they pull the plug on you or not, or he will be in charge of appointing those who will!!!!

It’s also ironic that this man taught at Harvard.  Isn’t that where Obama supposedly went to school?  This is Chicago style politics at work, my friends, appointing one’s friends into high end government positions.  Perhaps Obama should be in the hot seat instead of Blagojevich—he’s just as dirty as they are and this is far more important. 

Obama bypassing Senate for new Medicare chief

By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press Writer Erica Werner, Associated Press Writer – Wed Jul 7, 5:24 am ET

WASHINGTON – Bypassing Republicans eager to grill an administration official over the new health care law, President Barack Obama is planning to appoint the head of Medicare and Medicaid without Senate hearings.

Obama intends to use a so-called recess appointment to put Dr. Donald Berwick in charge of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a White House official said Tuesday night. The appointment was expected Wednesday.

The decision means Berwick, an expert on patient care, can assume the post without being confirmed by the Senate, which is in recess for the July Fourth holiday. He could serve through next year without Senate confirmation.

Republicans had indicated they were prepared to oppose him over comments he had made on rationing of medical care and other matters. Democrats wanted to avoid a nasty confirmation fight that could reopen the health care debate. Berwick was nominated in April but no confirmation hearing had been scheduled.

OTHER MATTERS?  You mean like healthcare redistribution?  Like SOCIALISM!?  Yeah, that seems like a pretty big deal to me! 

 “Many Republicans in Congress have made it clear in recent weeks that they were going to stall the nomination as long as they could, solely to score political points,” White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer wrote in a post on the White House blog. “But with the agency facing new responsibilities to protect seniors’ care under the Affordable Care Act, there’s no time to waste with Washington game-playing.”

So protecting the American people is ‘game-playing’?  Well maybe to a democrat socialist-dictator it is.

 The decision to use a recess appointment to skirt the Senate drew fire from Republicans even though the tool had been used frequently by presidents of both political parties. Obama last made a batch of recess appointments in March, and he was to make two other less prominent appointments Wednesday, one to a pension board and the other to a science post, the White House said.

“This recess appointment is an insult to the American people,” Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., said in a statement. “Dr. Berwick is a self-professed supporter of rationing health care and he won’t even have to explain his views to the American people in a congressional hearing.”

The Senate Republican leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said, “The fact that this administration won’t allow the man charged with implementing the president’s plan to cut $500 billion out of Medicare to testify about his plans for the care of our nation’s seniors is truly outrageous.”

THANK YOU!  That’s EXACTLY the point!

Berwick, 63, is a pediatrician, Harvard University professor and leader of a health care nonprofit organization who’s drawn support from many quarters, including the American Medical Association, since his nomination to oversee the enormous Medicare and Medicaid health insurance plans for the elderly, poor and disabled.

He’s been criticized by Republicans for a number of comments, including telling an interviewer last year: “The decision is not whether or not we will ration care — the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open. And right now, we are doing it blindly.”

Republicans have seized on that to cast Berwick as someone who would deny needed care based on cost, while supporters contend rationing already is done by insurance companies and Berwick simply wants transparency and accountability in medical decisions.


 It’s just those echoes of last year’s acrimonious health care debate that Democrats would prefer not to replay on the Senate floor.

Medicare has been without an administrator since 2006, and the White House says the need to fill the post is critical because of its role in implementing the new health care law. Medicare is to be a key testing ground for numerous aspects of the new law, from developing new medical techniques to trying out new payment systems, and the White House says a permanent leader is key with deadlines approaching.

In addition to his professorship at Harvard, Berwick is the president of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a nonprofit in Cambridge, Mass., that works to develop and implement concepts for improving patient care.

Also being appointed Wednesday are:

_Philip E. Coyle III as associate director for national security and international affairs at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

_Joshua Gotbaum as director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

WHY are people still supporting him?  WHY?  This isn’t democracy!  This is the opposite of democracy and if people keep quiet, it’s just going to get WORSE! 

The temperature is rising people!  Soon we—the frog—are going to be boiled alive and there is no turning back from that.


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