Website: Border Crossing Pics Video–700 illegals in 40 days!   Leave a comment

This is an interesting website to check out called ‘Border Invasion Pics’ and some of these pics are just…wow, you have to watch them for yourself! 

I’m glad someone is filming this to show the world.  It’s one thing to merely SAY that the border needs to be sealed and talk about ‘immigration reform’, but it’s an entirely DIFFERENT thing to SEE IT IN ACTION! 

THIS video below is scary!  A hidden camera filmed 700 illegal border crossings from Feb 2 to March 12 on ONE REMOTE TRAIL!  There are many, many other trails!

Just ONE trail folks!

It’s crazy, scary and sad!

This is the link to the video on the website:

Check out the site.  There are more video’s but I can’t post them from the website. 

I’m feeling a little queezy now 😦


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