Warning: Almost Half of Belgium’s Euthanasia Nurses Admit to Killing Without Consent   Leave a comment

Okay, I know this isn’t an article based on America and written for Americans, but considering the political climate we are in with the socialist movement going on and the appointment of a Donald Berwick as our new ‘rationing czar’, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide could very well be made an option, if not just a deprivation of basic care for terminal or poor individuals. 

This article speaks of nurses who have participated in euthanasia’s without consent of the patient.  It is chilling to say the least and the significance of this article is that Belgium is one of a very few places where euthanasia and physician assisted suicide is legal.  However, other countries are considering it.  Britain for one.

Hmmmmm, didn’t Donald Berwick, our new ‘rationing czar’ state that he loved Britain’s medical system? 

If Britain did pass a law stating that Euthanasia was legal in their country, would Berwick, their biggest fan, try to have one passed here as well? 

Or, do we already have one and just don’t know it yet since no one really knows what’s in the Obamacare legislation?

interesting, interesting.  It’s as interesting as it is gruesome.  I couldn’t imagine causing the death of another human being when there are so many options out there for pain management.  Euthanasia has been illegal for centuries, and considering how advanced our medical system is, why is it considered important now versus then? 

Personally, I think it comes down to numbers and bottom lines.  I hope our medical system doesn’t begin to traverse down the course of THX 1138 when the ‘overseers’ state: “The . . . account is six percent over budget. The case is to be terminated.”

Hopefully I’m just being paranoid:

Warning to Britain as almost half of Belgium’s euthanasia nurses admit to killing without consent

By Simon Caldwell
Last updated at 7:48 AM on 10th June 2010

End of life: Euthanasia is legal in Belgium but must only be carried out by a doctor and with the patient’s permission. (Posed by models)

A high proportion of deaths classed as euthanasia in Belgium involved patients who did not ask for their lives to be ended, a study found.

More than 100 nurses admitted to researchers that they had taken part in ‘terminations without request or consent’.

Although euthanasia is legal in Belgium, it is governed by strict rules which state it should be carried out only by a doctor and with the patient’s permission.

The disturbing revelation  –  which shows that nurses regularly go well beyond their legal role  –  raises fears that were assisted suicides allowed in Britain, they could never be properly regulated.

Since its legalisation eight years ago, euthanasia now accounts for 2 per cent of deaths in Belgium  –  or around 2,000 a year.

The researchers found that a fifth of nurses admitted being involved in the assisted suicide of a patient.

But nearly half of these  –  120 of 248  –  also said there was no consent.

‘The nurses in our study operated beyond the legal margins of their profession,’ said the report’s authors in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

It is likely many nurses ‘ under-reported’ their involvement for fear of admitting an illegal activity, the study said.

But it added that many were probably acting according to their patients’ wishes, ‘even if there was no explicit request’.

Last night, Dr Peter Saunders, director of the Care Not Killing campaign in Britain, said: ‘We should take a warning from this that wherever you draw the line, people will go up to it and beyond it.’

‘Once you have legalised voluntary euthanasia, involuntary euthanasia will inevitably follow,’ he added.

But pro -euthanasia group Dignity in Dying said rules that see the patient taking their own life, rather than a doctor administering the drugs, could still work.


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