Arizona poll finds big surge for Brewer   1 comment

Good news!  Gov. Jan Brewer’s popularity is surging due to her bill!  Awesome!  She has my vote, even though I’m not living in Arizona lol!  We could use more gutsy politicians to stand up for what’s right in this country and FOR this country for that matter! 

My hat is off and my prayers are with her and her state!  To stand up to the President of the United States with such an important and controversial issue in the political world and NOT back down when said president viciously turns on her for doing the right thing?  That is amazing! 

Anyway, my two cents! 


Arizona poll finds big surge for Brewer

A new poll says Republican Gov. Jan Brewer’s popularity surged in recent months, with the Behavior Research Center saying she surfed “a political wave” from signing Arizona’s immigration enforcement law.

The Phoenix-based center’s survey was conducted June 30 through July 11. It found Brewer with support from 57 percent of surveyed Republicans and independents planning to vote in the Republican primary on Aug. 24. That’s up from 22 percent in April, when roughly half of the republican voters undecided. 

The combined sample of 236 registered Republicans and independents had a margin of error of 6.5 percent.

The new poll found Buz Mills with support from 12 percent and State Treasurer Dean Martin with 9 percent. Both have suspended their campaigns.


One response to “Arizona poll finds big surge for Brewer

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  1. Standing with you Arizona!

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