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Racist NAACP Bigotry Caught on Tape   Leave a comment

Well shut my mouth wide open!  And this is a government official appointed by Obama no less spouting this racist drivel in the NAACP’s own convention.  And this is allowed to take place?  Where’s the outcry now?  Oh wait, the racist NAACP audience was LAUGHING at her comments!  Oh that’s right, because she wasn’t talking about ‘THEIR’ kind’!

Wow–I really always thought racism was dead.  All I’ve been seeing and hearing about is racism against white people still being alive. 

It’s just sad.  Just very, very sad . . .


Rate Hike at a Lemoyne Pool Concerns NAACP Leaders   Leave a comment

Wow–the NAACP must be bored today, or really be overconfident because these clowns are starting to throw their hate-filled banter around near my neck of the woods.

Really?  Are they serious?  Have they even heard the new black panther video’s?  They want to kill white babies and the NAACP leaders are worried about a few dollar admission hike at a community pool?


Rate Hike at Lemoyne Pool Concerns NAACP Leaders

Lemoyne, Pa. – NAACP (web | news) leaders are concerned over the timing of a rate hike at the Lemoyne Swimming Pool.

The decision to increase prices by a few dollars each visit was made just a few days after residents reportedly made comments that minorities are causing problems at the pool.

Last week a woman reportedly said that lifeguards are afraid to discipline minorities.  Another man this week reportedly told borough leaders that people from outside the borough were creating a very unpleasant atmosphere.  He was also quoted in the Patriot News as saying that borough officials should raise rates if they want to keep the “criminal element” out.

“If they’re raising the prices of the pool because they need the money, that’s one thing,” said NAACP President Stan Lawson.  “But if they’re raising the prices of the pool to keep minorities out, that’s another.”

But borough leaders insist the decision was made to combat overcrowding and to encourage people to use other nearby pools.  They said they had no idea just how popular their pool would become.

“When you have a limited supply and an overwhelming demand one way to try to reduce that is to increase prices,” said Borough Manager Robert Ilhein.

Borough Council President John Judson called  the residents’ choice of words “poor” but said he was “delighted” they came forward with safety concerns.

He said police will increase patrols around the pool.

“If there is any evidence of racial profiling by an employee they will be dismissed,” Judson said.  “We have zero tolerance for that.”

Lawson said he plans to ask the state’s Human Relations Commission to investigate.