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Racist NAACP Bigotry Caught on Tape   Leave a comment

Well shut my mouth wide open!  And this is a government official appointed by Obama no less spouting this racist drivel in the NAACP’s own convention.  And this is allowed to take place?  Where’s the outcry now?  Oh wait, the racist NAACP audience was LAUGHING at her comments!  Oh that’s right, because she wasn’t talking about ‘THEIR’ kind’!

Wow–I really always thought racism was dead.  All I’ve been seeing and hearing about is racism against white people still being alive. 

It’s just sad.  Just very, very sad . . .


Latino KKK: Brown Beret Says “This is America–Go back to Europe”   Leave a comment

Hi All!

My goodness, so much has been happening since I last updated my blog that I’m not sure where to start, but I’m going to go ahead and start with this video that I meant to post a few days ago but I was speechless to make comment on it.

Well, I guess the video speaks for itself.  This most likely will not make it into mainstream liberal media, much the way the new black panther video went. 

This is jus the most lunatic, insane thing I have ever seen or heard in my entire life.  These people are REALLY out of touch with reality!

First of Arizona Anti-Illegal Immigration Law S.B. 1070 Hearings Held Today   Leave a comment

Well, it has begun.  The courts are finally going to be hearing the cases against Arizona’s anti-Illegal Immigration laws which mirror the Federal Law on the books. 

Firstly, please note that these trials are happening in Phoenix—a reputed ‘Sanctuary City’—with a judge that sides with Illegal Immigrants.

This does not bode well.  I am trying not to be negative about this and I’m praying for a miracle, but seriously folks . . . the odds are totally against them, even THOUGH THEY ARE IN THE RIGHT!  My prayers are with Arizona though this and it looks like these first frivolous law suits might get thrown out, but still . . .

And the fact that this officer refuses to comply with FEDERAL LAW should also be put under examination.  If he refused to pay his Federal Taxes—which paying them IS A FEDERAL LAW—do you honestly think he would get away with it and be able to use the fact that he refuses to pay his taxes as a reason to sue in court?  THAT is ridiculous!  I can see the point of these illegal immigrant groups that are suing, no matter HOW misguided, but not this guy!  He’s the most misguided of them all!

Sorry, I like to use the term ‘misguided’ in reference to those who are ‘misguided’ and ‘misinformed’ about the law.  LOL!!!  It just seems fitting.

Anyway, you had better believe that next week, when the Department of Justice makes their case, I will be paying attention!  My ears will be perked and my hackles raised to find out what is going to go down and will be until a verdict has been issued.


>steps off soapbox<

K, here’s the article:

Attorney: Immigration law puts cop’s job at stake

By JACQUES BILLEAUD, Associated Press Writer Jacques Billeaud, Associated Press Writer – 3 mins ago

PHOENIX – A Phoenix police officer’s attorney says the officer could be fired if he doesn’t enforce the state’s new immigration law, which he has sued to block.

Officer David Salgado and the statewide nonprofit group Chicanos Por La Causa filed one of seven lawsuits to try to overturn the law.

Attorneys for the Arizona governor told U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton Thursday that the lawsuit should be dismissed because Salgado and the group lack legal standing to sue and that there’s no valid claim of immediate harm.

Bolton didn’t rule immediately after hearing approximately 40 minutes of arguments on Gov. Jan Brewer’s dismissal motion.

Instead she began hearing arguments on the challengers’ request for an order blocking implementation of the law beginning July 29.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

PHOENIX (AP) — A federal judge heard arguments on Thursday morning over whether Arizona’s new immigration law should take effect at the end of the month, marking the first major hearing in one of seven challenges to the strict law.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton also is considering Gov. Jan Brewer’s request to dismiss the challenge filed by Phoenix police Officer David Salgado and the statewide nonprofit group Chicanos Por La Causa.

Bolton began by quickly dismissing Brewer as an individual defendant to the lawsuit, a motion unopposed by Salgado’s lawyer. She then began considering whether to dismiss the case.

Bolton said last week that she may not rule on the officer’s request to block the law before it takes effect July 29.

Hearings on the six other lawsuits, including one filed by the federal government, are set for next week.

The large ceremonial courtroom at the main federal courthouse in Phoenix was packed with more than 100 spectators as the hearing began. More than a dozen lawyers were in place along two L-shaped tables, evenly divided between each side. The jury box was filled with law clerks for judges who work in the building who came to observe.

Protesters and supporters of the law gathered outside the courthouse amid heavy security.

About two dozen supporters of the law, many dressed in red, white and blue, held up signs praising Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a major backer of the crackdown on illegal immigrants, and one said “American Pride.”

About 50 feet away a group opposed to the law held up signs calling for repeal of the law.

The groups competed with each other using bullhorns.

“We demand an injunction. We demand a federal intervention,” opponent Sandra Castro of Phoenix, 22, yelled into a bullhorn.

The law requires police, while enforcing other laws, to question a person’s immigration status if officers have a reasonable suspicion that the person is in the country illegally.

Supporters say the law was needed because the federal government hasn’t adequately confronted illegal immigration in Arizona, the busiest illegal gateway for immigrants into the United States. Opponents say the law would lead to racial profiling and distract from police officers’ traditional roles in combating crimes in their communities.

Since Brewer signed the measure into law April 23, it has inspired rallies in Arizona and elsewhere by advocates on both sides of the immigration debate. Some opponents have advocated a tourism boycott of Arizona.

It also led an unknown number of illegal immigrants to leave Arizona for other American states or their home countries and prompted the Obama administration to file a lawsuit seeking to invalidate the law.

Salgado’s attorneys argue the judge should block the law before it takes effect because it would require an officer to use race as a primary factor in enforcing the law and because the state law is trumped by federal immigration law.

Attorneys for Brewer asked that the officer’s lawsuit be thrown out because Salgado doesn’t allege a real threat of harm from enforcing the new law and instead bases his claim on speculation. They also said the state law prohibits racial profiling and that it isn’t trumped by federal immigration law because it doesn’t attempt to regulate the conditions under which people can enter and leave the country.

The other challenges to the law were filed by the U.S. Department of Justice, civil rights organizations, clergy groups, a researcher from Washington and a Tucson police officer.

Bolton plans to hold similar hearings July 22 in the lawsuits filed by the federal government and civil rights groups.


Associated Press Writers Paul Davenport and Michelle Price contributed to this report.

Obama: Al Qaeda Is Racist–NOT because of 9/11, but Because of Uganda   Leave a comment

HOW is this even POSSIBLE!?  HOW?  Tell me please!  How can our president, the president of OUR country, say NOTHING about al-Qaeda for his entire presidency, and then when they admit to the World Cup bombing in Uganda he comes alive and condemns them as ‘racist’. 


*Double Facepalm*

Okay–no, I don’t think what al-Qaeda did was right, nor am I lessening the fact that it happened.  Not one bit.  But COME ON!  What side is Obama on?  Ours?  I don’t see it!  He didn’t mention us once?  Not once?  Not one of those 4000 civilians on 9/11 or not one of those American soldiers?  Not ONCE?

And from what I’ve heard from mainstream media about that group, I really don’t think they are focused on Africans.  They pretty much sound like they are focused on US and destroying US . . . and that’s not considered racism? 

So Tea Partiers are racist because they don’t like the socialist agenda, but al-Qaeda isn’t, even after 9-11?  It took a bombing in Africa to get a reaction.   

*Triple Facepalm*

And he wonders why his popularity rating has dropped so much?

The news just amazes me every day…

President Obama, White House: Al Qaeda Is Racist

In an interview earlier today with the South African Broadcasting Corporation to air in a few hours, President Obama disparaged al Qaeda and affiliated groups’ willingness to kill Africans in a manner that White House aides say was an argument that the terrorist groups are racist.

Speaking about the Uganda bombings, the president said, “What you’ve seen in some of the statements that have been made by these terrorist organizations is that they do not regard African life as valuable in and of itself.  They see it as a potential place where you can carry out ideological battles that kill innocents without regard to long-term consequences for their short-term tactical gains.”

Earlier today a senior administration official said the Obama administration believes that Al Shabaab carried out the attack.

Explaining the president’s comment, an administration official said Mr. Obama “references the fact that both U.S. intelligence and past al Qaeda actions make clear that al Qaeda — and the groups like al Shabaab that they inspire — do not value African life. The actions of al Qaeda and the groups that it has inspired show a willingness to sacrifice innocent African life to reach their targets.”

This can be seen, the official said, in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, when hundreds of Africans were killed and thousands wounded.

“Additionally, U.S. intelligence has indicated that al Qaeda leadership specifically targets and recruits black Africans to become suicide bombers because they believe that poor economic and social conditions make them more susceptible to recruitment than Arabs,” the official said. “Al Qaeda recruits have said that al Qaeda is racist against black members from West Africa because they are only used in lower level operations.”

“In short,” the official said, “al Qaeda is a racist organization that treats black Africans like cannon fodder and does not value human life.”
The president also said in the interview that “it was so tragic and ironic to see an explosion like this take place when people in Africa were celebrating and watching the World Cup take place in South Africa.  On the one hand, you have a vision of an Africa on the move, an Africa that is unified, an Africa that is modernizing and creating opportunities; and on the other hand, you’ve got a vision of al Qaeda and Al Shabaab that is about destruction and death. 

“And I think it presents a pretty clear contrast in terms of the future that most Africans want for themselves and their children,” Mr. Obama said. “And we need to make sure that we are doing everything we can to support those who want to build, as opposed to want to destroy.”

Rate Hike at a Lemoyne Pool Concerns NAACP Leaders   Leave a comment

Wow–the NAACP must be bored today, or really be overconfident because these clowns are starting to throw their hate-filled banter around near my neck of the woods.

Really?  Are they serious?  Have they even heard the new black panther video’s?  They want to kill white babies and the NAACP leaders are worried about a few dollar admission hike at a community pool?


Rate Hike at Lemoyne Pool Concerns NAACP Leaders

Lemoyne, Pa. – NAACP (web | news) leaders are concerned over the timing of a rate hike at the Lemoyne Swimming Pool.

The decision to increase prices by a few dollars each visit was made just a few days after residents reportedly made comments that minorities are causing problems at the pool.

Last week a woman reportedly said that lifeguards are afraid to discipline minorities.  Another man this week reportedly told borough leaders that people from outside the borough were creating a very unpleasant atmosphere.  He was also quoted in the Patriot News as saying that borough officials should raise rates if they want to keep the “criminal element” out.

“If they’re raising the prices of the pool because they need the money, that’s one thing,” said NAACP President Stan Lawson.  “But if they’re raising the prices of the pool to keep minorities out, that’s another.”

But borough leaders insist the decision was made to combat overcrowding and to encourage people to use other nearby pools.  They said they had no idea just how popular their pool would become.

“When you have a limited supply and an overwhelming demand one way to try to reduce that is to increase prices,” said Borough Manager Robert Ilhein.

Borough Council President John Judson called  the residents’ choice of words “poor” but said he was “delighted” they came forward with safety concerns.

He said police will increase patrols around the pool.

“If there is any evidence of racial profiling by an employee they will be dismissed,” Judson said.  “We have zero tolerance for that.”

Lawson said he plans to ask the state’s Human Relations Commission to investigate. 

List of Alleged Illegal Immigrants Mailed to Officials in Utah   Leave a comment

Wow–THIS is pretty deep! 

There could be SOOOO many implications made with this and I don’t forsee it being anything good for the conservative side.  I could very much see this blowing up, which could potentially harm the Arizona movement irreparably.  I’m not sure where I think something like this would be coming from.  Obviously it was someone who had access to a lot of personal information.  In the article, the ‘voice of the Latino population’ states that it was someone from the state (like he knew, unless he’s making an assumption that these people are on welfare, in which case HE is racist and a racial profiler!) but I’m not sure.  It wouldn’t surprise me if someone was trying to make a point against the Arizona law by inciting anger with this act, but it would also not surprise me if some well meaning citizens were trying to help law enforcement and no one will hear them because the federal government doesn’t care to protect this country from them.

I really doubt this will be followed up by anyone with anything other than stomping of feet, flaring of nostrils and whining.  If someone were to have mailed a list of any other race group that was committing FEDERAL CRIMES the feds would be all over them in a heartbeat!  But instead, this will be overblown and treated like a terrorist act or something similar and lame.

It also might pay to consider that if someone were to have access to this kind of information, and they indeed worked for the state, potentially in a welfare or medical assistance office….do ya might think they know what they’re talking about?  That this might not be JUST a racial profiling accusation but a serious one?  Our country is reeling from the financial pressures of the illegal population here, giving them welfare is illegal since they are not citizens, so perhaps they are trying to be a whistleblower. 

And why throw the Constitution in the mix?  The first words of the Constitution are in fact: “We the people of the UNITED STATES.” — Illegal immigrants are NOT United States Citizens.  And they WON’T be until they come here LEGALLY!  They HAVE NO RIGHTS HERE other than basic human rights and arresting them FOR BREAKING FEDERAL LAW AND DEPORTING THEM is NOT harming their human rights!!!!!

>steps off soap box<

Here’s the article.  I was going to use the Yahoo article but there wasn’t much useful in it.

List claims to expose illegal immigrants in Utah

Copyright 2010 Newport Television LLC All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – A mailing claims to expose more 1,300 people living in Utah as illegal immigrants and demands their deportation. The list was sent anonymously to politicians, law enforcement and the news media. It not only contains names, but also birthdays, addresses, phone numbers and in a few cases, social security numbers.

The list includes both adults and children and even notes that a handful of women are pregnant. The letter that accompanied the list comments, “some of the women on the list are pregnant at this time and steps should be taken for immediate deportation.”

The letter is from a group that calls itself “Concerned Citizens of the United States” but has no return address and no contact information. In fact, there is nothing in the letter or on the envelope that would further identify who is behind CCUS.

The letter begins, “We are enclosing a list of individuals who we strongly believe are in this county illegally.” But it does not say why the group believes they are here illegally. Tony Yapias, a voice of the Latino community who also served under Governors Leavitt and Walker, told ABC 4 News, “Molina, Rodriguez, Lauro, Ramirez, Villanueva, Lopez, Bernal. That’s racial profiling. What did they do? They went by the surnames.”

Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder was one of those who received the list. He said other than the Hispanic surnames, he also found nothing in the list that comes close to substantiating the claim. “”These are individuals who have no ability to defend themselves from the accusation,” said Sheriff Winder. “We live in a country of laws. I, for one, would not want to be branded with something without some sort of due process and that is what this seems to be.”

A spokeswoman for Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank confirms that the list also showed up Monday in his mail box. But she said Chief Burbank was out of town this week and would not be available to comment.

The letter was originally sent to “Customs and Immigration” on April 4, 2010. A spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a part of the US Department of Homeland Security, confirmed receipt of the list “a couple months back” but would not say if ICE had taken any action on it. Other law enforcement sources tell ABC 4 News that at most, ICE agents would check the list against existing “wants and warrants” and follow up only if they found a match.

Such a response may not have been good enough for CCUS which has now sent the list to a wider group of Utah officials as well as newspaper, radio and television stations.

Yapias said the group may claim to be non-violent, but he doesn’t believe it. “To me, they’re terrorists,” He said. “They have just terrorized 12-hundred families.”

Yapias believes the detailed information could only have come from a confidential government database. “It seems to me that it’s from someone in state government that has access to all types of information.”

Sheriff Winder said he will have his investigators look into that allegation. If the information did come from a government database, it may well have violated state privacy laws.

“These folks, I’m sure, are defenders of the constitution. We all are defenders of the constitution,” explained Sheriff Winder. “The constitution says innocent until proven guilty.”

ABC 4 extends an invitation to whoever is behind the list to come out of hiding and to explain the origin of the list.



Racist NAACP Resolution Condemns Tea Party as ‘Racist’   Leave a comment

Well, if THIS don’t beat all!!!!!  The racist NAACP organization condemning the conservative Tea Party as a ‘racist’ organization!

First of all?  WHY is this important?  I fail to see why the NAACP resolution is so important that it deserves front page treatment.  Other than the fact that they are wrong and have no solid evidence of any manner of racism happening at tea party events. 

Calling someone a ‘racist’ in today’s world is pretty much as low as you can go.  The fact that they are throwing around accusations like this is frightening and I’m certain this would not be tolerated frin any other politically involved group.  They don’t even have any proof that the Tea Party is racist and it’s not tolerated!  Accusations of racism on this level–with no PROOF–are tired and old.  How long are they going to ride this horse?  As far as I’m concern, coming out and blasting other groups and accusing them of racism without proof just because they don’t believe in socialism and welfare for all does not  a racist make! 

Anyway, I’m not even sure this group even deserves headlines.  I know a lot of people of color and my best friend, who is white, is getting married to a black man and she has a biracial daughter (who is absolutely beautiful by the way)–and their consensus has been that groups like the NAACP do nothing but prey on people and incite hatred among them.  If this group were to dissolve and disappear from the face of the planet, we are all fairly sure that racism, crime and general hatred would as well.

Just a thought from us ‘racists’. 

Oh and they made an error in the title.  It’s ‘condemns’ NOT ‘condems’.  It looks like misspelled the name of a type of a commonly used prophylactic…(sooo many things I could say to that, but I am not that mean >sigh<)

OH, and by the way–more importantly–this article states the accused ‘acts of racism’ were fact, however of the thousands of mainstream media and private video cameras recording the event, even with a $100,000 reward, NO ONE has yet to come forward with ANY PROOF THAT THIS OCCURRED!!!!  Note the accusers are all Democrats who HATE the Tea Party and it just seems too much like a setup to be real.  I mean COME ON people!  LOL!!!!  It’s worse than a ‘Caught on Tape’ setup . . . and it WAS worse than that because it WASN’T CAUGHT ON TAPE!  LOL!

Hmmm…I wonder what they think of the new black panther party . . .

Ahem >turns sarcasm switch ‘off'<

Here’s the article:

NAACP resolution condems racism in tea party


By HEATHER HOLLINGSWORTH, Associated Press Writer Heather Hollingsworth, Associated Press Writer 7 mins ago

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Leaders of the country’s largest civil rights organization accused tea party activists on Tuesday of tolerating bigotry and approved a resolution condemning racism within the political movement.

The resolution was adopted during the annual convention in Kansas City of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, spokesman Chris Fleming said. Local tea party organizers disputed claims of racism and called on the NAACP to withdraw the resolution.

It was not immediately clear how the resolution was amended during the debate, which was mostly closed to the public.

The original called for the NAACP to “educate its membership and the community that this movement is not just about higher taxes and limited government.” It suggested that something could evolve “and become more dangerous for that small percentage of people that really think our country has been taken away from them.”

“We felt the time had come to stand up and say, ‘It’s time for the tea party to be responsible members of this democracy and make sure they don’t tolerate bigots or bigotry among their members,'” NAACP President Ben Jealous said ahead of the debate. “We don’t have a problem with the tea party’s existence. We have an issue with their acceptance and welcoming of white supremacists into their organizations.”

Tea party activist Alex Poulter, who co-founded a Kansas City-area group called Political Chips, disputed the allegations. He said the movement is made up of a “diverse group of folks who are upset with what is going on with this country.”

Poulter said he has seen no evidence of racism within the movement.

“It’s unfounded but people are running with these accusations like they are true,” he said.

A group called the St. Louis Tea Party issued its own resolution Tuesday calling on the NAACP to withdraw the proposal, which won’t become official until the NAACP’s national board of directors approves it during its meeting in October in Baltimore. Jealous also urged people to attend an Oct. 2 rally in Washington to remind Congress and President Barack Obama about the challenges facing minority neighborhoods.

Though not affiliated with either major political party, tea party activists espouse a political philosophy of less government, a free market, lower taxes, individual rights and political activism.

The group has faced occasional claims of racism, most notably in March near the end of the bitter health care debate. U.S. Reps. John Lewis, Andre Carson and Emanuel Cleaver said some demonstrators, many of them tea party activists, yelled a racial epithet as the black congressmen walked from House office buildings to the Capitol.

Cleaver, D-Mo., also said he was spit on.

A white lawmaker said he also heard the epithets, but conservative activists said the lawmakers were lying.

“They are pulling people together and focusing on the negative, and then it’s hard to make anything positive out of that,” said Anita L. Russell, president of the Kansas City, Mo., branch of the NAACP, which introduced the resolution. “And then these groups, these extremist groups, are looking for something, and they are latching on to this. The thing is going to grow and grow out of control.”